Who are we

Fábrica Coffee Roasters was created with the desire to share our love and passion for specialty coffee with Portugal. Independent from the beginning, our family's goal was to establish a unique coffee experience by being involved in every step of production.

By forming direct trade partnerships with farmers, roasting on-site in Lisbon, and offering a variety of extraction methods, we pride ourselves on delivering a remarkable experience to each of our customers.

Our Mission

At FÁBRICA, we carefully roast our beans according to their unique characteristics and purpose – light roast for filter coffee or a slightly darker roast for espresso, ensuring the extraordinary results we strive to achieve.

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Our Story

Our unforgettable aroma has drawn in both local and international customers alike. Our dedication to connecting the local community to a new way of experiencing and understanding coffee has helped our little family business grow into Portugal's premier resource for craft coffee.

Now with five locations in Lisbon and two in Oporto, we are able to offer an international monthly subscription service for our freshly-roasted beans. Our commitment to sourcing, developing, roasting, and distributing our specialty coffee creates a memorable experience that can be enjoyed with us in-store or in the comfort of your own home.

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