Mococa, Brasil

Caramel, Cocoa, Passion Fruit

3 × 250g

Bob-O-Link has notes of cocoa, passion fruit, and caramel, a composition that offers, finesse and sweetness in the cup.


Bob-O-Link has notes of cocoa, passion fruit, and caramel, a composition that offers, finesse and sweetness in the cup.

About the Farmer

The Mococa terroir was the breeding ground for the Bob-o-Link project, since it was here, at the heart of their farm, that Marcos Croce and Silvia Barretto got the ambitious Bob-O-Link project off the ground.

On returning from the United States to take over the reins of the family farm, run initially as an intensive monoculture, the couple made the courageous choice to start from scratch, symbolically renaming the farm "Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza". With the aim of obtaining much more than just a specialty coffee, Sylvia and Marcos put all their energy into learning about coffee farming and into bringing their neighbours together around their project to obtain a "global quality" for all. They wanted to produce an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable coffee. A very difficult challenge indeed in a great coffee-producing country like Brazil, but one they are currently meeting.

What was originally a farm project has now become a way of life for the 50 neighboring coffee farmers involved in the production of Bob-o-Link coffee.

The Bobolink is a species of migratory bird that is finding it increasingly difficult to make its journey from Patagonia to the northern hemisphere due to the monocultures that spread all over America. This coffee was called Bob-o-Link because it is produced using integrated farming methods that place a focus on the environment and humankind.

Bob-o-Link coffee is grown under shade on semi-mountainous terroir at altitudes of between 900 and 1,300 meters. The producers involved in this project harvest cherries by hand only, in a very selective manner and at optimum maturity. This manual harvesting technique contrasts with the image of mechanical harvesting usually associated with Brazil.

Bob-o-Link Yellow is produced using only yellow varieties of cherries. It gives a profile that is halfway between a Brazilian natural with chocolatey notes and a Central American natural with fruitier notes.

About Bob-O-Link


50 Farmers Collective


Mococa, Brasil


1100 m


Yellow Bourbon


Jun - Sep



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