Compota de Morango

Piendamó, Colombia

Baked Apple, Floral, Strawberry

3 × 250g



88 € / kg

A very special and rare coffee: double anaerobic fermentation processed Castillo. A masterpiece!


88 € / kg


A very special and rare coffee: double anaerobic fermentation processed Castillo. A masterpiece!

About the Farmer

Finca El Paraìso, located in the Cauca Department, municipality of Piendamo, Los Arados village, is a family operation, that brings you high-quality and consistent coffees. Since 2008, Diego Samuel Bermùdez Tapia and his four family members and 8 employees are committed to working together to bring you a great tasting cup every.

Award-winning Colombian coffee producer crafted this astounding coffee. The hand-selected Castillo cherries are fermented using a Bermudez Method:
• First, the cherries are fermented anaerobically for 28 hours at 19ºc.
• Then pulped and anaerobically fermented in mucilage, for 40 hours at 21ºc.
• Double washing with thermal shock at 40ºc and 12ºc, then control dried for 30 hours at 32ºc and 30% humidity, until the beans reach a moisture content of 10-11%.

A masterpiece!

Finca El Paraiso is located in the municipality of Piendamo, Corrigimiento de Tunia, Vereda los Arados along the stretch of the Panamerican highway between Popayan and Cali. Its climate is humid with winds from the Pacific. Cherries mature slowly given El Paraiso’s elevation ; this slow maturation helps the concentration of sugars and considerably improves the cup. El Paraiso uses processing technology that focuses on developing the citric flavors of the coffee and is environmentally-friendly while also independent of climate factors, allowing for consistent quality.

The Colombian department of Cauca lies in the southwestern part of the country, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, Valle del Cauca Department to the north, Tolima Department to the northeast, Huila Department to the east, and Nariño, Putumayo, and Caqueta Departments to the south. Many rivers traverse Cauca and the Central Range of the Andes Mountains runs through the department. Popayan is the capital city and Cauca’s population is distributed throughout the rural highlands and valleys.

About Compota de Morango


Diego Samuel Bermùdez Tapia


Piendamó, Colombia


1930 masl




May - Sep


Double Anaerobic Process

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