Chapada de Minas, Brasil

Cocoa, Melon, Peach, Pear

3 × 250g



59,6 € / kg

The flavor will remind you of peach, melon, pear and cocoa.


59,6 € / kg


The flavor will remind you of peach, melon, pear and cocoa.

About the Farmer

This espresso coffee is characterized by a very sweet and dominant citric acidity that gives it a fruitiness, like that of mango and passion fruit but accompanied by a delicate body, and it was processed using the special method of dry fermentation. For this, only very ripe cherries are harvested and carefully processed. First, they are kept in oxygen-poor tanks in the shade for one day. After this period of dry fermentation, the cherries are washed and dried on raised beds. At Fazenda Ecoagricola, this method is called tropical fermentation, named after the specific fruity notes it creates.

Brazil has been the world’s biggest coffee producer for more than 150 years. While for a long time coffee cultivation has been focused on quantity, in the last 15 years, a growing number of producers have started to orient their production towards quality. They devote lots of effort, knowledge and technology to producing high-quality coffee beans in order to supply the global specialty market. One of this movement‘s pioneers is Fazenda Ecoagricola. It is located in the state of Minas Gerais, which is responsible for more than 50% of Brazil’s coffee production. The northern part of the state is known as the region of Chapada de Minas. Here, the Serra do Cabral plateau rises at 1,100 meters above sea level. The Flanzer family started cultivating this remote piece of land in the 1970s with forestry activities. In 2006, they began to cultivate coffee. The farm has achieved high sustainability standards over the years. It has natural reserves where wild animals can live freely. The Flanzer family also operates a native trees nursery, producing seedlings for its own forests and supplying neighboring communities, cities and schools. Their state-of-the-art coffee production system makes use of precision agriculture technologies to fertilize and irrigate the coffee fields. Because of this intensive and careful work, Ecoagricola has already achieved many awards, such as “Best Rainforest AllianceTM certified coffee of Brazil“ in 2017 and first place of the Cup of Excellence Brazil 2019.

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Chapada de Minas, Brasil




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