João Hamilton

Mogiana, Brasil

Bergamot, Citrus, Floral

3 × 250g



72 € / kg

We love the fruitiness of this natural-processed coffee. Notes of citrus, bergamot and floral are present in the cup, which is balanced by a sweet body.


72 € / kg


We love the fruitiness of this natural-processed coffee. Notes of citrus, bergamot and floral are present in the cup, which is balanced by a sweet body.

About the Farmer

"The first time I met João Hamilton he said to me, ‘Hi I’m João Hamilton and we want to make the best coffee in the world’. Ever since then João has put up with my many insane ideas such as measuring brix on the cherries before harvesting, picking at nighttime, building raised beds, drying in the shade and fermenting, fermenting, fermenting – always with the same excitement as an adolescent on the first time. He exemplifies saying that he gets turned on what he does. Coffee at Sitio Canaã is served by the liter, even if it is for one.They have come a long way since 2008, from almost quitting coffee to selling to some of the best roasters around the world. Today Sitio Canaã are leaders in their region with their neighbors." Felipe Croce

What is so special about this coffee? This one of the most elegant Mogiana coffees you will find. The terroir of Mogiana with lots of sun and big change in temperature from night and day provides for the development of lots of sugars in the cherries. This when roasted gives a long sweet finish and a creamy body as the polysaccharides give texture to the mouthfeel. The dry harvest period gives for a very clean natural process fermentation with the skin with notes of fresh fruit to dried fruits. The Obatã varietal has adapted very well also giving a big body to the coffee to enhance the terrroir but also brings a higher acidity with a bergamot floral citric touch. This is a very high quality producer investing highly in improving his soil with regenerative measures.

Energy, positivity, intensity. These coffee characteristics are also part of the personality of João Hamilton Ferreira, owner of Sítio Canaã, an area at an altitude of over 1,250 meters located on the west side of the Mantiqueira mountains, the chain that separates the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The combination of a breathtaking view with rich soil, springs and a temperate climate attracted the gypsies in the 19th century, who went there to live the great moments of their lives — hence the name, Serra do Cigano. Today, the area is where João Hamilton's family put down their roots and plant coffee. After becoming a partner of FAF Coffees, João Hamilton changed his mindset and became an enthusiast of sustainable soil and water management processes. All this transforming force has generated such delicious fruits that the specialty coffees of Sítio Canaã have been collecting awards for their very high quality, which only brings more motivation for João Hamilton to continue his journey towards the top of the world of specialty coffees.

About João Hamilton


João Hamilton


Mogiana, Brasil


1200 masl


Arabica Obata


June - November



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