Granja Dilma Organic

Marcala, Honduras

Grapefruit, Honey, Orange

3 × 250g



59,60 € / kg


59,60 € / kg


About the Farmer

This coffee is produced at the family farm of Mini Granja Dilma, at an altitude of 1,300 metres in Musula, in the Marcala region (department of La Paz). It is grown on 4 hectares of land and harvested between December and March, before being left to dry in the sun on cemented areas.
The farm works in partnership with Cafés Organicos Marcala, a private company with a good understanding of the coffee industry and which uses sustainable farming methods. The cooperative supports producers wishing to introduce state-of-the-art organic production techniques. It works hand in hand with its farms to promote the switch from conventional farming to an organic agriculture underpinned by strong environmental values. The 700 or so producers who work with the company receive regular training in coffee cupping and organic farming. The cooperative also subsidises the education of local children in order to help future generations.

The Mini Granja Dilma farm is located at an altitude of 1,300 metres in Musula, in the Marcala region (department of La Paz). It is a family farm that has been managed by passionate producers for 3 generations and is now owned by Maria Dolorez Zelaya, with her husband and children. They work together using responsible and organic production methods. While coffee is the farm’s main crop (with 4 hectares of planted coffee trees), it is also used for horticultural, flower and poultry production.

About Granja Dilma Organic


Maria Dolores Zelaya


Marcala, Honduras


1520 m


Red bourbon , Red catuai


Dec - March



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