Guilherme Zaluar

Sítio Volta do Macaco, Brazil

Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus

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After drinking Guilherme´s coffee in Brazil people would say “que beleza de café” which means what a beautiful coffee. With body and balanced acidity, this coffee turns into a caramel finish becoming the best companion at any time, at any place.

About the Farmer

Guilherme is not from the family of farmers. Until his 20 years old he lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in Urca. His grandfather, who was Portuguese, had a farm in Miguel Pereira, in the mountainous region of RJ, and there discovered that he likes more rural life than the city.
Bought land 20 years ago in Caparaó and finally started the rural life growing specialty coffee. Feeling blessed to had stopped in the coffee region because it made it possible for him lived from agriculture.

What Guilherme really loves is to produce great coffee. The characteristics of his soil and climate are so favorable that makes a huge impact on the quality of his coffees. There was no market for specialty coffee until recently in his region. Due to know how and market growing he is became focused more on quality rather quantity .

About Guilherme Zaluar


Guilherme Zaluar


Sítio Volta do Macaco, Brazil




Catuaí 144


Jan - Mar



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