Los Santos

Fraijanes, Guatemala

Berries, Black tea, Dried Fruits

3 × 250g



51,60 € / kg

A coffee with a tea body, bright acidity, and juicy notes of berries, black tea, and dried fruits.


51,60 € / kg


A coffee with a tea body, bright acidity, and juicy notes of berries, black tea, and dried fruits.

About the Farmer

Nestled between the serene Los Pinos Lagoon, majestic Cerro Redondo Volcano, and picturesque Lake Amatitlan lies Beneficio San Victor. This remarkable mill, located in the charming town of "Los Verdes," has been owned and operated by the Molina family since the 1990s. Serving as a central hub for numerous farmers in the region, including Cooperativa El Cerrito, Cooperative Fraijanes, small-holder farmers, and estate coffees, Beneficio San Victor holds a pivotal role in the local coffee industry.
The mill recently implemented state-of-the-art machinery designed to minimize water usage during the processing stage. This significant upgrade not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the overall quality of their output. Moreover, Beneficio San Victor has garnered a well-deserved reputation for producing exceptional specialty micro-lots, employing various techniques such as double fermentations, honey processing, natural processing, and even experimenting with unique approaches.

The rich agricultural heritage of this region traces back centuries when the pioneering "Juanes Friars" (from whom the name Fraijanes originates) introduced coffee cultivation over 200 years ago. Even today, the region proudly showcases several traditional coffee varieties, including Bourbon, Typica, Catuaí, and the indigenous Guatemalan "Pache Común." The unique soil composition in Fraijanes is characterized by a blend of sandy loam, a result of the intermingling of nutrient-rich ash from the Pacaya Volcano, silt, and clay. Abundant rainfall and elevated altitudes further contribute to the distinctive characteristics of this remarkable coffee-growing area.

About Los Santos


San Victor


Fraijanes, Guatemala


1200 - 1700 masl


Bourbon, Typica, Pache Común, Tekisik




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