Caparaó, Brasil

Floral, Honey, Passion Fruit

3 × 250g



Just the smell of it wakes you up.
This one is for the Brazilian coffee fans!


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Just the smell of it wakes you up.
This one is for the Brazilian coffee fans!

About the Farmer

We are proud to work directly with Alexandre Emerich and to have toured his farm. The quality and dedication towards his work is inspiring and we are blessed to be able to support his production of excellent coffee.
Alexandre is the owner of Sítio Bela Vista and the producer responsible for the delicious coffees produced on this beautiful land. This coffee is created first by selecting carefully by hand, only the ripest cherries. The coffee then passes through a floating process to separate the ripe and underripe cherries, followed by a natural fermentation process in covered tanks until a temperature of 38 degrees is reached. The coffee is then dried on traditional Brasilian earth beds.
Alexandre was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and at the age of 18 he fulfilled his dream of having a coffee farm in Alto Caparaó, the hometown of his father where he always spent vacations.
Today he owns and produces specialty coffees at Bela Vista at Alto Jequitibá, Serra do Caparaó, Minas Gerais.

Alexandre is a farmer, graduated in Agricultural business, Q-Grader SCAA (Specialty Coffee
Association of America). He is the husband of Liliane and the father of 3 children: Marcus, Ester and Sofia.

Sítio Bela Vista is located in the city of Alto Jequitibá, in the Serra do Caparaó - MG.
With a peak elevation of 1,200 meters, the coffee crop of 50,000 plants stretching across 18 hectares, produces fruits of the highest quality.
The farm is blessed with favorable soil composition and climate conditions. Sitio Bela Vista coffees are harvested with a hand-picked selection process and ecological drying. The resulting coffee is rich and vibrant with aromas and flavors that delight specialty coffee lovers.

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Alexandre Emerich


Caparaó, Brasil




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