Rafael Amaya

Huila, Colombia

Cacao Nibs, Dragon fruit, Strawberry

3 × 250g



Premium coffee quality never tasted better.
Unique Colombian flavors with a small touch of chocolate nibs.


Premium coffee quality never tasted better.
Unique Colombian flavors with a small touch of chocolate nibs.

About the Farmer

Rafael Amaya is a farmer from Pitalito Huila. All his life he worked in farm at Timana, Huila. He was picker and also took care of processing from other farms. In 2000, he was lucky enough to buy his first farm. Rafael has been growing coffee since then, although he got into specialty coffee since 2015.
He started to harvest coffee and was able to plant all his farm, he was very dedicated and disciplined. In 2005 he started to attend coffee courses of Processing Specialty Coffee, trying to learn how to process his coffee to get a better benefit out of it. He enrolled to SENA (Coffee school) in 2011 trying to learn a little bit more about specialty coffee in order to produce high quality lots. In 2012 Rafael followed his teacher’s advice and started to ferment for 40 hours (normally growers in Colombia ferment coffee for about 14-16 hours). After trying his 40 hours fermented coffee he did not stop until achieving an extremely fruity and complex cup, these days he ferments in between 130-180 hours, and the way he determines when to stop is by trying the mucilage attached to the coffee, he says “when the mucilage taste like over ripe orange is just the time to stop, this usually happens 20 hours after it taste like passion fruit”.

In 2016 he got his own formula for fermenting washed coffees to obtain 88pts cup score. His lots these days are fermented between 60-130 hours without using water (dry anaerobic fermentation) inside grain pros.
Despite the fact that most of Rafael lots are processed as a washed, as his drying space only allow him to process a few natural lots (as more drying space is required), he chooses the best passes for his naturals.
During the drying process he is drying his coffee these days on concrete patios and raised beds under shadow. Nowadays he grows Pink Bourbon, Sidra, Pacamara, Gesha and Caturra.
For Cofinet, Rafael is producing one of the best coffees in Colombia, to us his Caturra lots can even be compared with Gesha and other exotic varietal because always these coffees are as fruity and complex as a natural but with a washed (clean) finish.
He is also mentoring a few growers around his farm enforcing them to extend their fermentation and drying as much as possible in order for their coffees to achieve the uniqueness needed to be sold into the Colombian specialty coffee market as a microlot.

About Rafael Amaya


Rafael Amaya


Huila, Colombia









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