Finca San Ramón

Jinotega, Nicaragua

Floral, Fruity, Herbal

3 × 250g



54 € / kg

A coffee with fruity, herbal, and floral notes.


54 € / kg


A coffee with fruity, herbal, and floral notes.

About the Farmer

Jinotega, a city located in the north of Managua, Nicaragua, is renowned as the country's coffee capital. With a population of over 250,000 people, Jinotega has a rich cultural heritage and is home to the Rizzo Family, who have been producing specialty coffee for more than 100 years. The Finca San Ramón, owned by the Rizzo Family, has become a symbol of the coffee-growing tradition in their family since 1896. One of the key reasons for the Rizzo Family's success is their strong commitment to their people, the environment, and product quality. They have forged lasting relationships with their customers, and their coffee is recognized worldwide for its exceptional flavor and aroma. Through their dedication to sustainable and ethical practices, the Rizzo Family has become a model for coffee production, not just in Nicaragua but globally.

At their farm, the Rizzo Family is dedicated to using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in their coffee production. They carefully select only the ripest coffee cherries, which are then processed using eco-friendly systems that recycle water for minimal use during the pulping process. The honey is extracted using centrifuges, with just the right amount left to add its signature touch to the coffee. By adopting such environmentally friendly practices, the Rizzo Family's production process has resulted in an 80% reduction in water usage, and no contamination of water sources, in comparison to traditional methods. The honey is transported to special storage areas to prevent any pollution of water or soil. Additionally, the pulp that is left over is used as organic fertilizer to enhance the quality of the soil.

About Finca San Ramón


Eduardo Rizzo


Jinotega, Nicaragua


1.200 - 1.500 m


Catuaí, Caturra, Bourbon


October - March



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