Subscriptions FAQ’s

How may I subscribe to your coffee?
To start your journey with FÁBRICA’s family you just need to click on the button “Monthly Subscription”, at the top right corner of our website.Once clicked, you will be presented with two options:
Filter – Should you prefer a medium-light roast for filtered coffee
Espresso – Should you prefer a darker roast and usually ideal for Aeropress, Moka Pot or Espresso machines
After clicking on the preferred roast, you will be able to choose between 2 or 4 bags (250grams each) a month.
Following that, you just need to select which shipping option suits you best and you are one step away from check-out.
At the check-out, you will be able to add all information – from your name to billing and shipping address – and the process is completed once you are done with the payment steps.
You will receive an email confirming the beginning of your unforgettable monthly experience, along with your account details for accessing our website’s reserved personal area.
Helpful tip: While filling in all necessary details, don’t forget to add any important observations such as any preferred grind so we can know you don’t want the bags to be delivered in whole beans.

When will be my first subscription shipped?
Once you sign up, you will be allocated to the closest next shipment. We ship all subscriptions on the first Wednesday of each month. We process the payments in the last workdays of the previous month.

What can I expect from the monthly subscription?
Once you have started your subscription, you will get at home the best roaster’s selection of coffee.
If you visit the “Monthly Subscription” section on our website, you will be able to see which coffees are the winners, the next roasting, and shipping dates.
You will have access to exclusive discounts in our digital store and be the first-in-line to try new coffees.

When will I receive coffee at home?
We work hard for our family members not to run out of coffee, so usually, it will only take up to ONE business day, after the announced shipping date. (And yes, you have read it correctly, only one business day 🙂

Do you ship internationally?
For now, the subscription service is only available for European Union countries. Feel free to contact us using the email: if you pretend to receive the subscription in another country and will do our best to help you. the e-mail.

Will I be able to manage the subscription by myself?
Sure thing!
After the subscription is created, you receive an email informing your account’s login information for our website’s reserved area.
Once you are in our website, you will find a little person’s icon on the top right corner (‘Account’). Click it and you will be prompted with your username and password.
Once in, you will see your own dashboard in which you will be able to manage pretty much everything needed.

What if I need to reduce or add coffee bags?
At FÁBRICA we are working to improve the experience for our family members, meaning in the near future that will be possible, on your own.
Until the further announcement, feel free to drop us an email with this request to and our amazing team will take all necessary arrangements for you 🙂

Can I order a mixed subscription with Filter and Espresso?
Unfortunately, at this moment we don’t have that option on our website, but, please contact us and we will help you:

How can I update my Payment and Addresses details?
Easy peasy 🙂
Once you have logged into our website’s personal area, you will find several options on the menu presented at your left-hand side.
Among those options, you will find “Edit Address” and “Payment Methods” so you may edit whichever information you find necessary.

Will I be able to update my Payment information?
Also easy peasy 🙂
In the “Payment Methods” section, in your own dashboard, you are allowed to add and remove payment methods. At the moment, we only accept Credit Cards or PayPal.

Can I cancel my subscription?
You can easily pause or cancel or subscription. Once you have logged into our website’s personal area, choose “Manage Subscription” and select the active subscription.

I need an extra hand with other matters related to my subscription, how can I reach you guys?
We are all in the same boat, just drop us an email directly to and we will be thrilled to help you!