Five Common mistakes when preparing coffee

Written by: | January 27, 2023

Preparing a good coffee is not very difficult, but it is not as simple as it seems. This happens because neglecting some details is normal and can compromise the quality of the drink, altering the flavor, body, and aroma.

To extract the best from your coffee, you need to pay attention to some factors before and during preparation.

Here we highlight some common mistakes that can help you prepare your coffee in the best way.


  • First of all, you have to choose the correct grind, for the correct method: 

The most common reason why your coffee may taste too bitter or too sour is the wrong grind size of the coffee beans. Each drink preparation method requires a different grind.

Finer grinds are recommended for espresso or Moka Pot methods, and coarser grinds are recommended for french press, cold brew, etc. Always check which grind is most suitable for the method you are preparing your coffee.

  • Second, you can´t use any type of water in your coffee, why is that?

It is common to think that this makes no difference and we end up filling the teapot with tap water, which tends to be the most practical and economical option.

However, this attitude is not correct, as the water may contain impurities that affect the quality of the beverage. Therefore, the idea is to use mineral or filtered water to prepare your coffee, which will have a positive impact on the flavor.


  • The third is very important too, choose the right ratio of grammage and water

The ratio between the amount of coffee and water used during the brewing process could be the problem. If you don’t use enough coffee or use too much water, your cup will taste sour. And if you exaggerate the amount of ground coffee, you will be drinking bitter coffee.

Investing in a coffee scale can also eliminate failed attempts. Weighing the number of beans and water you are using, whether for an espresso or a Pour-over preparation, will help you perfect the flavor.

  • Fourth, sorry but you cannot use boiled water

Brewing coffee with very hot water destroys the coffee’s delicate flavors and volatile oils, resulting in bitterness and stripping away its acidity. The ideal temperature to prepare coffee is just below the boiling point, around 90 degrees.

There is a good trick for taking measurements without a thermometer. To reach the ideal temperature, let the water start to boil, turn off the heat and wait 45 seconds or you can buy a kettle with built-in temperature control.


  • The last and most common mistake of all: don’t put sugar in your coffee

Mixing sugar directly into water or coffee is a very common but wrong habit, both for your health and for enjoying your coffee. Also is good to remember that many coffees or blends are already naturally sweetened. In addition, sugar nullifies the true taste of the drink and should therefore be avoided. Our valuable tip is to test, and drink your specialty coffee without sugar, at least the first sip, and evaluate this consideration yourself. Remember that taste is personal.

So, take into account these valuable tips to prepare the best coffee possible, and remember that having fresh coffee is paramount when preparing your coffee. If you need tools to help you at any stage, it’s worth checking out our online store, any doubt doesn’t hesitate to contact us.


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