AeroPress® Bundle

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We have created a handy bundle, perfect for the budding Aeropress enthusiast.

About AeroPress® Bundle

Drink a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee wherever you are, with your brand new Aeropress!

The AeroPress is an easy-to-use, portable brewer, made of high-quality, durable plastic. Perfect for brewing at home, at work or on the go

This bundle contains:

  • Aeropress kit with filters included
  • 250g bag of freshly-roasted La Mochilita coffee
  • Brewing guide

The Aeropress is a compact, durable and versatile brewer.
With a myriad of ways to use this device, a competition has been created, called the World Aeropress Championship, to find the best recipes every year – you can find the winning recipes online!

Made of high-grade plastic, the Aeropress is a favorite for travel and home; brewing slightly more concentrated than usual, filter style coffees. The Aeropress is easier to use than some other slow-coffee brewers without extra brewing equipment when on the go, such as scales and a pouring kettle.

For best results, we recommend investing in a burr-grinder to grind your beans just before brewing, our Porlex fits perfectly inside the Aeropress, making them the perfect travel companions!

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