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This bar is to be taken seriously: milk chocolate filled with crunchy caramel and a hint of sea salt. guess what you will get addicted!

About Tony’s Chocolate

Slave free, slavery, modern slavery.. all topics that raise some critical questions. It’s a pretty touchy subject. We get that. Even the industry can’t agree on a definition. That’s why we think it’s important to explain what we mean:

Up here we describe modern slavery, but let’s be very clear: illegal child labour and modern slavery are not the same! Dangerous working conditions for example or working during school hours are forms of child labor, but not modern slavery. Illegal child labor is occuring far more often than modern slavery.

In most cases, children are forced to work away from their family and do not have the option of stopping. They are also abducted by traffickers, taken far from their homes and forced to work on strangers’ cocoa farms. Neither they nor their parents benefit from the money they “earn”. Adults who are victims of loan sharks and have no choice but to keep handing over their income to pay off impossibly high interest rates are also considered entrapped in modern slavery. The situation makes it impossible for them to build a life for themselves.

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